Centipede Tool on DIY Network’s “Bath Crashers”

Centipede Support XL on DIY NetworkMatt Muenster, host of Bath Crashers on DIY Network, was among the first to take note of our Centipede Portable Work System crowd funding campaigns in 2013. So, when the proof-of concept production run was completed nearly a year later, we were sure to reward his patience by sending him one of each unit. The feedback from such an experienced contractor would be invaluable and just knowing our product would be in the hands of someone we’ve seen on TV so many times was a bit of a thrill itself. So, imagine our delight when one of our early supporters told us they saw the Centipede Support XL on a new episode of Bath Crashers in October!

The episode is titled Mediterranean Mood. In it, Matt briefly introduces the Centipede Support XL as he removes it from the carry bag, sets it up, then continues to use it as general workbench upon which he completed 3 different projects:

  • Project 1 – Cedar beam chandelier that hangs over a makeup station.
  • Project 2 – Cedar slab valance that frames a Mediterranean tile water feature.
  • Project 3 – Lattice doors that hang over storage areas in the makeup station.

Throughout, the team used the Centipede Support XL as any project table would be. The projects required the use of a nail gun, drill and domino joiner. There was hammering, sanding, staining and gluing. Cut boards were stacked on it to be stained. Projects were drawn out on the work top and people were leaning on it throughout.

-The perfect portable home base for any 3 day job site-

This episode was not sponsored or otherwise paid for by us with the exception of the sample Centipede Sawhorse and Centipede Support XL we provided to Matt. We like the implications of a seasoned contractor liking any product well enough to show to a network audience of millions. You’ll even notice a Centipede Portable Work System in use and in the corner of other episodes since this one first aired on 10/20/2014.

To Matt: if you end up reading this post – please know that we can never thank you enough! I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of pride when I first saw it. We’ve been working so hard on bringing this to market and it was amazing to see it on TV for the first time.

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