Dozer’s #SawhorseWithdrawal Support Group

sawhorse withdrawal
Might we suggest a Centipede Sawhorse instead?

Are you feeling left out because you don’t have a Centipede Sawhorse to call your own yet?

Jonathan Mendoza – AKA Dozer – gets it. As one of our earliest backers, Dozer was very animated about his need for a Centipede Sawhorse from the very beginning. Within weeks of launching our first crowdfunding campaign, we had already seen our first case of acute Sawhorse Withdrawal.

And Dozer wasn’t alone. Maria, Dave, and others also shared their horrific tales of “making do.” A sense of loss and the telltale tinge of loneliness are among the symptoms. And for supporter Dave Bock, a sore back from working at ground level.

Now that we’re taking back orders from the 2nd production run, we fear another round of Sawhorse Withdrawal victims are inevitable. If you find yourself anxiously awaiting your Centipede Sawhorse, please join our support group on Pinterest and Twitter. Share your tales of woe as others have done for us. Find strength in supporting those who suffer this same fate. For together we stand – divided we fall.

(Hmmm… Maybe a bit over dramatic on this one… Fun!)

If you get the joke and wan to have fun with us, please use #SawhorseWithdrawal.

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