FAQ – Height adjustments and full extension

The strength of the Centipede® Portable Work System is drawn from a redundant system of steel struts that rest directly between the load and the ground. The unit must be fully extended for the struts to reach the ground and support a loads. This will result in a working height of about 30″ – standard table/bench or sawhorse height. Future models may feature the ability to adjust and lock the height and footprint, but these new products will not have the same capacity or price as what is available today. If you have any questions or comments at all, please contact us at info@CentipedeTool.com.

At this time, we do have worktop height extensions – Risers – available to raise the working surface to a more comfortable 36″ counter top height. Click here to learn more. These extensions will not reduce the overall load rating of the system.

Riser Application - Support XL