FAQ – Is it Durable?

The flexible steel cross bars, rivets and washers used to keep the Centipede® Portable Work System opening and closing smoothly may appear, at first glance, to be “too” flexible to be durable. It is easy to perceive a flimsy stand that might be unable to stand up to the rigors of most backyard projects, let alone being hauled around to job sites and tossed into the back of pickup trucks.

Seeing photos of the unit in use help us to understand it’s versatility, but showing a variety of uses does not help us to understand how the simultaneous flexibility and rigidity of the system ensure its performance as a sturdy and durable platform base. By using flexible steel components to keep the individual steel struts moving in tandem, the unit can take quite a beating and always spring back to operate smoothly.

Here is a collection of photos and videos that best illustrate the Centipede® Sawhorse & Support XL standing their ground.

Workshop Addict’s “Bucket Test”

John and Brian from Workshop Addict lifted the front end of their John Deere tractor with the bucket pushing down on both the Sawhorse and Support XL.

The following clips focus on the test itself, please watch their post here to hear what they thought of the test!

2′ x 4′ Centipede Sawhorse – 11 pound collapsible steel frame


4′ x 8′ Centipede Support XL – On a Gravel Driveway

Please watch their post by clicking here!


Pro Tool Reviews

Centipede Support XL on Pro Tool ReviewsKen Koehler of ProToolReviews.com gives the Centipede® Portable Work System a nod as “professional grade.”

Centipede Portable Work Systems are pro level portable work bench systems that really are easily portable and support enough weight to be considered a work bench. With performance that pros will love on the jobsite and prices that DIYers can easily reach, look for Centipede to show up in a lot of places.



Roscoe Interior’s John Broda

There are 2 tweets in this conversation that help us to understand it’s durability. First, John tweets about first his first impression, “…It’s tougher than it looks.”

  Later in the conversation, he admits to a bit of a learning curve, but that the product is robust enough to handle it.

As an added bonus, John later tweeted this video showing that under a load, the Centipede® Sawhorse is very sturdy:

Toolaholic on Instagram


Early Clips of Inventor Demonstrating System Flexibility

Dumping 2x4s on cross bars

Not the final authority in durability, but this clip showing the inventor drop some boards onto the cross bars should help show that it can take at least the incidental blows you’d expect a saw stand to endure.