A Guided Tour Through The Centipede Sawhorse CrowdLaunch

We started the Centipede Sawhorse CrowdLaunch in May of 2013 armed with nothing more than a prototype of the Centipede Sawhorse and the video below showing it in action. Since then, we’ve created a lot of content with various crowdfunding campaigns, contests, articles, giveaways, pledged donations to Habitat for Humanity and a lot more. If you’ve just heard about us, it is a lot to take in.

Here is a guided tour to help you catch up on what is important and prioritize whats left:

STEP 1 – Are you even curious to learn more?

Watch this video. 2.5 minutes, you got this:

If you find yourself wondering why you just spent 2.5 minutes on YouTube without seeing a single cat, allow me to make up for it with “Piper, the Cat, In Her Basket for Over 4 1/2 hours

However, if you think the Centipede Sawhorse looks like a pretty cool tool and would like to learn more – read on.


STEP 2 – Centipede Sawhorse product details


Learn more about the Centipede Sawhorse:


STEP 3 – Owning a Centipede Sawhorse

If you’ve read through those and you’re still with us, you’re probably beginning to wonder how to get a Centipede Sawhorse of your own. Click on this big green bar to visit our ordering page:

Centipede Sawhorse Kickstarter Campaign

There, you’ll find the latest ordering details as we wrap up the first production run. There are still a handful of Centipede and Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kits available for delivery that will begin in May. After we sell these remaining units, a second production run will be scheduled. The timing of that run is currently unknown.

UPDATE – 4/19/14: The first production run is complete and is on its way! 


STEP 4 – This is cool! Who are you people?

The most important step of all:


  • CLICK HERE For a list of our social media accounts and a few easy share buttons. There are also some share buttons in the right hand column of this page. Whatever you do, please tell your friends and family about us because we never know who is going to be our next supporter. We have a great product, but we need absolutely ALL The help we can get and we certainly can’t afford to advertise. Thank you all for reading this and for all your help!


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