Habitat for Humanity Donation at Northern Fox Valley Site

This past Wednesday, our friends at Habitat for Humanity® of Northern Fox Valley welcomed us onto one of their job sites just down the road from our office in Elgin, Illinois. We have some new kits and accessories coming out this fall and we needed to get some photos of these new accessories in action. Having discovered that the 4 Centipede™ Sawhorses we originally donated to them weren’t nearly enough to go around, they were delighted to know we were bringing 4 more with us to leave with them. After seeing us using the Centipede™ Support XL around the job site, Project Director Dan J. agreed that they’d put it to good use if I left one behind, so we donated one of those too.

Here’s a couple photos of the two Centipede™ Sawhorses they had in use before we even showed up. Love to see them being put to good use!



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Centipede Tool at Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley

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