Pledged Habitat for Humanity Donations Begin

Throughout our crowdfunding campaigns in 2013, we pledged to donate products to Habitat for Humanity® if we were successful in “crowd launching” our product line to market. In anticipation of our launch into thousands of retail locations by this summer, we had the pleasure of delivering the first two cases of Centipede™ Sawhorses yesterday.

Habitat for Humanity® of Northern Fox Valley

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley

We stopped by the Habitat for Humanity® of Northern Fox Valley in the morning to meet with Dan Jensen, Project Director, and Travis Juracek, Construction Manager. They were excited to put our products to the test, giving pause only to figure out which of the 8 active building sites they would deliver the 4 units to. According to Travis, “Even if we only use it as a serving table for the pizza we bring to our volunteers, this’ll be a great help.” They’ve also offered to support us with end-user focus groups and feedback from the entire spectrum of volunteers from those unsure how to use a hammer to the guys that show up with their own miter saw and fully stocked tool box.

Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity®

Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity

Jack Turner, Construction Project Manager for the Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity® was kind enough to let us visit less than an hour before he had to be at a ground breaking ceremony. He was very pleased to recieve 4 Centipede™ Sawhorses, as they are currently planning a blitz  for the first weekend of May – on 4 homes. Fortuitous!

Putting this out there: Of course, I bugged the office staff with questions about their social media program. As it turns out, they’re short staffed and turned the question back on me and asked if I knew anyone looking to fill an internship position. Give them a call at 815.636.4573 or drop me a line at if you are interested.

A Great Start…

We still owe 8 cases to local affiliates. You know we’re going to keep you posted – stay tuned!