Halfway There – A campaign appeal 30 days in, with 30 days left

Well, we’ve made it this far. And with 30 days left in the campaign, we are technically halfway there by one measure. So far, our campaign has gotten over 950 likes & 300 tweets. Since the very first week, our campaign had enough action to be featured on the front page of the design category. Our video featuring the prototype unit has over 8,700 views on Vimeo &YouTube combined. Our story has been published on BoingBoingExtreme How-To,Canadian WoodworkingGood Men ProjectDaily GrommetUnique DailyTool-Rank,Mother Earth News, and a host of other blogs and forums. We have over 70 backers thus far and one of our most popular perks is one we didn’t even plan for until it was requested. We’ll ship products to 4 countries and have received inquiries for distribution into 4 more. We’ve gotten orders from 25 states and provinces in North America. Just three short months ago, this product never even existed outside of a select few inboxes and the patent office.

We have heard from a lot of folks that these campaigns generally save the best for last and that the last 30 days of a campaign is far more effective than the first 30, so we’re strapped in and ready for this wild ride to really get started. As we pause in reflection of this milestone, we also thought it would be wise to remind everyone that this particular campaign is just one building block in the foundation we are building. Whether or not we hit our published target, we are already well underway to funding the first production run. We remain flexible and nimble – hitting our target here makes things easier and quicker, missing it only delays the inevitable.


We have simultaneously fallen short of what we dared to hope for while far exceeding what we planned to accomplish and we owe it all to YOU. Thank you all for your support and for your shares and likes. We love it and hope you’ll continue to help us spread the word – if only to take a shot at winning the free Centipede DIY Sawhorse Kit we’ll be giving to the individual with the most referrals by the end of the campaign.

We know the best is yet to come and we look forward to a grand finale indeed.

As for those of you browsing random indiegogo campaigns, directed there by our social media outreach or one of the publications mentioned above: TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Place your pre-order today because these prices are not set in stone and you’ll never have another opportunity to join in to help make this incredible invention a reality.


Ed & Keith – The Centipede Tool Team

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