Holidays Cards Designs for Kickstarter Reward

While the Centipede Sawhorses won’t get here until February, we thought some of you might like to give it as a gift this holiday season nonetheless. In place of actually giving a loved one their Centipede Sawhorse in December, you’ll give them a customized greeting card from us letting the recipient know their gift will be arriving soon.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Purchase the $5 “Christmas in February” kickstarter reward. If you ordered during this campaign, you can also add $5 to your existing pledge.
  2. Review the designs shown below, choose your favorite look. If you don’t like what you see, provide something for me to work with and I’ll do the best I can
  3. Review our photos around the web (try Flickr) to request any photo swaps.
  4. Let us know any wording changes you’d like to see. Change Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays, personalize the greetings, anything you’d like.
  5. Preferably, you’ll let us know your choices and customization in public comments or posts, but we’ll also take private messages in Kickstarter, any social account or

This reward is open to everyone who has pre-ordered their Centipede Sawhorses in 2013.

Design 1

Holiday Card 1 front inside display

Design 2

Holiday Card 2 front inside display


Time Traveling Editor

CLICK HERE to see some photos of the first time I printed these cards for other backers.

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