Centipede Tool at International Builders’ Show 2015 – Recap

Centipede Tool Booth at IBS 2015

NAHB’s 2015 International Builders’ Show was the first time we had a chance to present the Centipede Sawhorse and Centipede Support XL in public. If the response we received at this show is any indication of things to come, it looks like our crowdlaunch efforts since June of 2013 have been well worth our time. All sorts of builders, lumber yards and media have confirmed what we suspected all along – we’re on to something that is going to be a boon to a lot of job sites around the world. We’ve always taken note of the look on peoples’ faces when we first unfurl the Centipede Support XL and were thoroughly delighted to see eyes widen and jaws drop hundreds of times over the 3 day event.


Travel & Set Up Day

Setting up the Centipede Tool Booth at IBS 2015

It was a pretty rough Monday for the sales & marketing folks. The earliest home departure was Dominic, who hit the road at 2:40 AM on his way to Keith’s apartment. We picked up Wes on our way to Milwaukee where our flight left 6:55 AM.

Ed had loaded the booth into the back of his Prius and drove from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico the day before. Just a couple of trips inside and we were setting up our displays. No major problems and things were looking pretty good.

That night, we had dinner with several folks from DIY Network. We didn’t get back to our rooms until nearly midnight, Vegas time. What a long, but rewarding day!



IBS Day 1

booth traffic at the centipede tool booth at IBS 2015 What a day! We were so busy the entire time, we forgot to take a lunch break! We never went much more than a handful of minutes without someone at our booth. Very frequently, all four of us had engaged an entirely different group of attendees each.

Such exhilarating madness! The redemption had begun.

With visits from Woodworker’s Journal and Charles & Hudson, Ed wrapped up the day with a visit to the Home Talk USA booth for a quick live interview with host Michael King.





IBS Day 2

ed on diy network's i want that ed on diy network's i want that

The highlight of our second day was easily the arrival of DIY Network’s I Want That camera crew. Ed felt a bit self conscious about his appearance, but the thrill of the moment is not one we’ll soon forget. We can’t wait to see the episode air on April 10!

Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of other exciting visitors, from the Diva of DIY to a host of editors including Ken Clark from Hardware + Building Supply Dealer (formerly Home Channel News), builders and retailers. The response was incredible and we were thrilled!




Last Day

Centipede Tool Team
Aside from finally remembering to ask someone to take our picture, the last day was every bit as successful as the first two. This time we were visited by the executive team of our assembly and warehousing facilities, the Rebel Carpenter, Mark Lyman of Home Fixated and again a host of editors, builders and retailers. By the end of the show, it had become painful to tell folks over and over that we did not have any units we could sell at the show.
full prius
When the closing bell rang, we packed up the entire booth and loaded it back into Ed’s Prius for the long drive back home to New Mexico. It sure was nice having a booth entirely set up on the Centipede Portable Work System!

IBS 2015