International Centipede Sawhorse Availability

Limited Run Available in UK this Week

A limited run of Centipede Sawhorses will be available in the UK starting this week! Keep an eye out for an updated Centipede Sawhorse page on Complete Tool’s site to order. Or email Complete Tool at to order one now!

You’re going to want to ACT FAST, trust me:

  • We expect this run to sell out weeks before more Centipede Sawhorses will be delivered.
  • An introductory price of £64.99 for the Centipede Sawhorse and £124.99 for the Centipede PRO Sawhorse will be honored as posted, however the official MSRP will increase after this order is sold out.

UK/EU Availability

UK Launch

The official launch in the UK is in the works. We expect it to become widely available by autumn, but don’t have any concrete details we’re willing to share just yet. Stay tuned to our Centipede Sawhorse Launch News page or Complete Tool’s Centipede Sawhorse page for updates or email to buy or get on the waiting list.

EU Coverage

We should also have coverage in Denmark, France and other parts of Europe by autumn. However, I’m going to have a real hard time letting you guys know where they are located. Depending on the level of feedback our distribution partner is willing to provide, I’ll make it as apparent as I can on our Get Your Centipede Sawhorse page. Always email us at if you have a question and we’ll do our best to find an affordable way to get one to you!

Starting nearly immediately, the Centipede Sawhorses will be available on, which delivers throughout the EU, so that will always be an option…


We think we finally got some traction in Australia but it is currently out of our hands. We have a guy working at it for us, but we don’t have the resources right now to get our keisters over there and get it done ourselves… Believe me, I hope the trip is imminent. I also hope Ed doesn’t make me come back.

Sign up on the Centipede Sawhorse back order list and I’ll email you when they become available.


So close, yet so far away! We took a real beating on the couple dozen units we sold to our early supporters from Canada and it sounds like they weren’t treated too nicely when it came to fees upon delivery. We had no idea this was going to happen – we thought we were paying enough!!

We’ll definitely have Canadian retailers lined up before too much longer. Like Australia, it has been hard to focus outside of our current efforts. However, Canada is a lot closer and we’ve both personally called on just about every retail group we’ll need for broad coverage throughout the country. If nothing else, I ran into the buyer for this category at the National Hardware Show a few weeks ago. I’ll have them going as soon as possible.

Sign up on the Centipede Sawhorse back order list and I’ll email you when they become available.

Waiting List

We’re focused on quick penetration into the markets we have some experience in. However, we want everyone to have access to a Centipede Sawhorse. No matter where you are in the world, either email us at or sign up on the Centipede Sawhorse back order list and I’ll email you when they become available.