June Update

Shipping Status Update

As of today:

  • 132 Centipede Sawhorses have been delivered to 67 people in 27 states.
    • 62 Centipede and 70 Centipede PRO Sawhorses
  • 255 Centipede Sawhorses have yet to be delivered to 217 people in 46 states, provinces and countries.
    • 130 Centipede and 125 Centipede PRO Sawhorses

We want to truly thank everyone for their patience thus far. We understand how frustrating it is to continue to wait this far into the outdoor project season for a product we once hoped we’d have shipped by February. For some, this frustration is compounded by the fact that some of our earliest supporters have begun sharing their photos and experiences with their Centipede Sawhorses. We are working as fast as we can and are trying to accommodate any requests to jump the line. (A lot of birthday presents being delivered!)

Thank you.

Thank you so much for your patience.

Now that Ed’s week of travel is over, we hope to rocket through the remaining orders. He has talked to his Fed Ex driver and has made arrangements for pick ups that should move the process along a lot quicker. We’re hoping to be done by the end of next week.


Crush Testing for Load Rating

The New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) Program provides engineering work to new small businesses in the state. Early this coming week, Ed has an appointment with them to drop off the sample units they need to provide us with an official load rating. Though we’ve discussed it with them, at this point we have no idea how long they need to conduct the tests or if we’ll be put in a line – I’ll share any details as they come up.


End User Application Photos

oversize frame workspace - Dave Bock - facebookI know it isn’t fair to those of you who haven’t gotten your Centipede Sawhorses yet, but we’re just too proud to wait to brag about the first photos of our babies being put to good use…

PLEASE send your photos and feedback to us at info@centipedetool.com!


FAQ is Live

I’m doing everything I can to illustrate answers to our most common questions. Up first is how it handles uneven ground and the best way to load/unload it from the carry bag (it was a tighter fit than anticipated). Send us your feedback and questions to info@centipedetool.com.