Kickstarter In Review


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Centipede Sawhorse on KickstarterWhat a Kickstarter!

WOW! What a GREAT campaign!! We continue to be amazed and humbled by everyone’s support. There are so many people pulling for us right now, we often pinch ourselves to make sure this isn’t someone else’s dream… What you have helped us to do is astounding and we cannot possibly express enough gratitude. THANK YOU!

Here are some of the highlights of what was accomplished during this campaign:

  • Total Funds Raised: $12,059
  • Total New Backers: 127
  • Total Centipede Sawhorses Sold: 126
    • 64 Centipede and 62 Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kits
  • 18 Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kits added to the first Habitat for Humanity donation – a $2,250 value!

The end of our Kickstarter brings our total 2013 CrowdLaunch Fundraising Results up to:

  • Total orders taken: $26,828.98
  • 252 people are awaiting 320 sawhorses
    • 162 Centipede and 158 Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kits
  • 20 Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kits will be donated to Habitat for Humanity – a $2,500 value!

ANNOUNCEMENT RE: Early Bird vs. Support Habitat for Humanity rewards

If we had it to do over again, we’d have made the enhanced Habitat for Humanity donation program a lot easier to understand. Unfortunately, we were worried about gaining Kickstarter’s approval of the campaign, because they don’t really like folks using causes like this to entice people to support a campaign. We were going to do this donation regardless of its impact on the campaign. However, instead of a simple “every order counts towards our donation,” we felt compelled to set up a “stretch goal” of sponsoring the Home Builders Blitz and offering a special reward to help us get there.

Because ALL sawhorse kit purchases in the Kickstarter campaign counted towards our enhanced Habitat for Humanity donation program and because we did not sell all of the units being shipped in February: Those who chose the “Support Habitat for Humanity Reward” will receive their Centipede Sawhorses from the first production run along with all other backers so far.

This limits the available number of units that will ship in February to 8 Centipede and 20 Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kits! (Order Here:


We could not have done this without you.

Thank you again for all your help! Hope your holiday season has been a success and your new year one of the best you’ve ever had!