March Update

EDIT 3/26/14 – The cross beams shown below are now finished and ready for assembly. Click here for photo.

The good news is, we’re in the final stretch of production.

The bad news is, the factory runs into little delays that range from late delivery of components to the hole punch machine that broke down earlier this week. Halfway through putting the assembly holes through our cross bars and it breaks! The machine is fixed and progress has continued, but it is pretty much impossible for us to see this sort of thing coming…

While just about any first production run of a complex product like this is destined to run into unexpected challenges, we’re definitely in the final stretch. We expect shipments to begin in April and we’ll keep you updated as much as possible over the coming weeks.

Production Photos - cross beams, mid processing
Centipede Sawhorse cross beams in mid-production, before finishing and assembly. The machine punching the holes at the ends of these bars broke down this week, creating an unexpected delay.

If You Haven’t Pre-Ordered Yet:

We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes trying to transition from the first production run that will fulfill pre-orders to a regular production regimen that will never see product delivery more than 60 days out anywhere around the globe. We have a lot of irons in some mighty big fires in several countries, but a second production run remains to be scheduled.

To be clear:

If you hope to receive a Centipede Sawhorse before summer, you really do need to order now, because the first production run isn’t going to last long. CLICK HERE to learn more details about ordering a Centipede Sawhorse now.

With any luck, we’ll be able to seamlessly meet demand from this point forward…