Pallet of Cinder Blocks on the Centipede Portable Work System

We recently had an opportunity to test the capacity of the Portable Work System with a camera guy in tow at the Dixie Clamp and Scaffold yard in Oakland Park, Florida. While loading a pallet of cinder blocks has no real world application, we like to put our technology to the test whenever the opportunity arises…


For those of you running the numbers, it is 2,532 pounds of blocks plus about 45 pounds of pallet, which exceeds the Sawhorse’s weight limit. I’m not entirely sure why you have a pallet of cement blocks and a fork truck at home, but please do not exceed 1,500 pounds on a Centipede® Sawhorse or 3,000 pounds on a Centipede® Support XL under any circumstances.

Check out our other capacity demonstrations in our Heavy Loads FAQ.