Patience is a Virtue – A Non-Update Update

We haven’t had a regular update since the beginning of June. This has been somewhat intentional, as there are a lot of irons in a lot of fires, and more loose ends than a … well, I’ll let you imagine how that sentence might have ended in mixed company. Point being, we’re getting a lot of work done, but we don’t want to stumble around with educated guesses and inaccurate announcements every time we get a little bit ahead of ourselves. Instead, all we have is incremental progress without any actual announcements…

Luckily, in the meantime, a lot of our early supporters have been sharing the very first pictures of Centipede Sawhorses being used in the field (keep scrolling to see a few of our favorites). This allows us to keep at it quietly in the background, while the word continues to spread about this great product and the upcoming international retail launch. Keep sharing your photos, videos and any feedback you have to our social media accounts or send them to – we have learned a lot from what we’ve been told so far and some of our more skeptical friends need to see more real life applications to believe!

Centipede Header


International Retail Launch Details

The first thing that is going to change when our ducks get into a row is our “get your Centipede Sawhorse” page, so keep an eye on it. As it currently states: We’re sitting on some incredible news, but until the deals are sealed, mum’s the word. Sign up on the official Centipede Sawhorse Back Order waiting list here to be notified when one will be available near you.

North America

  • US – We will be in a store near you early 2015(!). I’m trying to see if we’ll be able to fill some Christmas orders this year, but no promises. (If you’re on the official Back Order list, I might be able to sneak one out to you in October/November…)
  • Canada – Centipede Sawhorses will be available online by the end of this year. I’ll be getting to work on retail locations later this year for launches throughout 2015.
  • Mexico – We’re open to suggestions at this point. Again, I’ll be working on this later this year.


  • UKCentipede Sawhorses are live on now. There are still a few units left from the first run and more are on their way.
  • ships throughout Europe, and we’ll have distribution of the Centipede PRO Sawhorses out of Denmark by October. I don’t suspect we’ll get rolling in earnest in Europe until early 2015, but our UK distributors may surprise us.


  • I’ve had mixed luck in Australia, but I’ve recently come into some great leads. I expect to have at least limited/online availability by the end of this year.

Everyone Else


Load Rating

Fitting quite nicely into this non-update update:

We still don’t have a load rating and don’t expect one until late this year. It is possible the first retail ready runs won’t include a load rating on the packaging(!). However, initial modeling and hand calculation analysis from one of our testing labs has come in. This IS NOT the final load rating, but their guessing any 4 posts of a Centipede Sawhorse could hold between 3,000 to 8,000 pounds before giving out. Can’t wait to see the results from the actual physical testing!


 A Few User Submitted Photos

Centipede Sawhorse as a welding table.
Centipede PRO Sawhorse as an oversize framing station.


Centipede Sawhorse as an outdoor sanding/painting station.
Centipede Sawhorse as a workbench extension.