Pledged Habitat for Humanity Donation to Solano-Napa Affiliate

Centipede Tool Donates to Solano-Napa-Habitat-for-HumanityAt the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this past May we met Doug, the Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity® affiliate‘s Deconstruction Manager. As happened to many at the show, he immediately began imagining the practical applications of the Centipede™ Portable Work System in his own day-to-day work. In particular, Doug knew he had to have the Centipede™ Support XL, so we agreed to send him one along with a Centipede™ Sawhorse for good measure.

When Doug showed up to the new office building site where the Support XL was delivered, it had already been opened up and put to use by the volunteers. In an email, Doug was kind enough to share his thoughts on the product:

“I was impressed by its structure, capable of supporting more then we asked for, our Habitat Centipede was working hard. We cut over 30 sheets of plywood decking to cover our new Habitat office. It was so nice to have a table to review the plans on while our volunteers gathered around to see what we were going to build that morning.”

It is so great to hear such positive feedback from those dedicated to improving the lives of others!


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