Status Update – Next Steps

Progress Update

After auditing several potential facilities, we have selected the factory we are going to partner with to produce the Centipede Sawhorses. We are currently making arrangements to visit and finalize the agreement. At that point, we should be able to let you all know what the actual MSRP will be set to and start firming up delivery dates.

Pre-Orders From 1st Production Run

The opening order will have to be for more units than have been ordered so far, so we are continuing to take reservations for sawhorses from the first production run. Though the numbers aren’t firm, it looks like we’ll have several dozen units available in each size. However, I do know that more than half of the units that will be produced are spoken for.


Habitat For Humanity

I have just contacted Habitat For Humanity to work out the details of our intent to donate 1 Centipede Sawhorse Pro for every sawhorse we manufacture. It looks like we’ll be donating 4 units from the first production run.

2nd Production Run Crowdfunding Campaign

It seems likely at this point that we will be crowdfunding our second production run as well. Until we get our hands on enough production units to regularly fill orders through retail outlets, these campaigns and the pre-orders on our site are the only way we can continue to raise funds and keep this process moving forward towards launch. We will be waiting until October(ish) for this campaign as it will simultaneously act as a showcase for pictures and updates of the first production run to help people see with their own eyes that their orders will be fulfilled.

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