Pre-Production Process Has Started!


We have finished our negotiations with the factory, the funds have been transferred and they have begun cutting steel on the pre-production tooling. As of right now, the Centipede Sawhorse is becoming a physical reality! I cannot possibly put our level of excitement into words, as the right words do not exist for how we feel right now. A huge THANK YOU to all of our backers and supporters who have gotten us this far! We could not have done it without you!!!

Official MSRP Announced

The official MSRP of the Centipede Sawhorse Kit will be $64.99.

The official MSRP of the Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kit will be $124.99.

Centipede Sawhorse Kits Available for Pre-Order

Carry Bag Will Be Included

We haven’t been willing to make this promise, as we didn’t know what it would do to the price. However, the factory will be developing a custom carry bag for both the small and large Centipede Sawhorse Kits. These bags will make it easier to carry the Centipede Sawhorses, protect them when they are stored and help to keep the accessories in one place.

Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

Centipede Sawhorse Kickstarter CampaignFor every ounce of excitement within our souls, there is an equal amount of apprehension. A number of things still need to go our way to bridge this gap between pre-production and actually having a sustainable business. While we’ve received enough orders to prod us into placing the factory order, we are still far short of having the cash on hand that is needed to make things run smoothly. We need to create retail-ready packaging and begin convincing retailers to make our products available to their customers. To help us fund these next steps in our launch process, we recently submitted a Kickstarter campaign for review. As of this morning, we received their approval and the campaign will likely be launched sometime this week.

As per usual, we are going to need your help spreading the word. Throughout the campaign, we’re going to try to create a journey as we share updates on the pre-production processes and show photos of our progress from the factory floor as much as possible. It is our hope that this approach will break down the final wall of hesitation and eliminate any doubts that this project is happening – right before our eyes.

Habitat For Humanity

Home Builders Blitz Event

In June of 2014, Habitat for Humanity International will conduct their annual Home Builders Blitz event to help construct more than 300 new houses, and rehab or make substantial repairs to existing homes. We’ve talked to HfH’s Gifts in Kind department and hope to make the Centipede Sawhorse a part of this event. Our ability to support their efforts will depend on the results of the Kickstarter campaign mentioned above. We’ll share more details as we have them.

Promised Donations

Regardless of whether or not we will be able to get the support needed to be a part of the national event, we will stick to our promise to donate 1 Centipede PRO Sawhorse Kit for every 100 Centipede PRO Sawhorses ever manufactured. From the first production run, we’re setting aside 4 units that will be donated to a local HfH affiliate, probably in New Mexico.

Updated Launch Timeline

Though nothing has fundamentally changed, there are some minor modifications represented in the following launch timeline. I shouldn’t even say this in public, but *if* everything goes right, we may start distributing pre-ordered Centipede Sawhorses by the end of January instead of well into February. (Note the emphasis on if…)

Launch Timeline - Updated October 2013

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