Centipede Sawhorse Production Parts Completed [photos]!

The last of the polymer injection molds are being finished up and production parts are being shot for testing. With some minor modifications to the molds, we’ll be ready to start producing the polymer parts of the Centipede for the first production run! There will be more photos available over the coming days, so this one post will act as our timeline/blog of production parts:

12/31/13 – Cross Beam Assembly and Bench Clamp with Overmold

A Centipede Sawhorse assembled without the main support struts and the first successfully TPR overmolded Bench Clamp

Cross Beams + P-Top Base + Polymer Feet
Centipede Sawhorse frame assembly without the main support struts
Bench Clamp with TPR Overmold
Bench Clamp with successful TPR overmold



12/2/13 – P-Top, Bench Clamp and X-Cup

P-Tops and the first of the yellow accessory parts.

Centipede Sawhorse Production - 2 X Bench Clamp
Bench Clamps (No TPE Overmold)
Centipede Sawhorse Production - X-Cup + P-Top
X-Cup and P-Top


Centipede Sawhorse Production - X-Cup (1)Centipede Sawhorse Production - X-Cup (2)

12/1/13 P-Top Base and Foot

A sample run of 50 PCS of each were ran.

Centipede Sawhorse Production - 50 PCS Polymer Foot and P-Top Base
50 PCS P-Top Base and Polymer Foot
Centipede Sawhorse Production - 1 PC Polymer Foot and P-Top Base
P-Top Base and Polymer Foot











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