Second Proof-of-Concept Production Run Complete!

We just got notification that our second production run is complete and on its way to the UK, Denmark and our warehouse in New Mexico!

To be clear, this run does not signify our actual retail product launch in the United States, but it should allow us to take care of the back order list we’ve been building over the summer. If you’re lucky, you might be one of the few that can give a Centipede for Christmas! While we expect the supply into the UK to remain uninterrupted, we also expect the availability in the US to be very limited until our launch in early 2015.

Either way, we’re excited to be getting several hundred more Centipede products into the hands of our earliest adopters!

Even more exciting? This run will include the pallet of product we promised to deliver to Habitat for Humanity during our Kickstarter campaign!

Centipede Tool's 2nd Production Run
Photo from an earlier step in this production run