Tool Rank – From Crowdfunding to Home Depot in Only Two Years

Within the first month of our first crowdfunding campaign, we managed to capture the imagination of Chris at After some discussion, he was kind enough to share our idea with his audience and we were particularly excited to see the first written description of our project using someone else’s words and understanding of the Centipede™ Portable Work System. While many supporters, contests, events and other forces beyond our control came together for us, I feel it is safe to conclude that Tool Rank was an essential component in finding our success via crowdfunding. Maybe we could have gotten it done without him, but I’m glad we didn’t have to try.

Thank you, Chris.

We are once again honored to have the Centipede Portable Work System featured on Tool Rank, now that we have begun announcing our key retail launch partners:

ARTICLE: Centipede Sawhorse – From Crowdfunding to HomeDepot in Only Two Years

…it is rare to see a product not only be successfully funded, but also make their way into retail stores nationwide. Let me tell you, I was genuinely happy to learn that the Centipede Sawhorse was one of the few that made it.


ORIGINTAL ARTICLE: Cool New Take On The Sawhorse




Find Tool Rank online and thank them for sharing the #Centipede Sawhorse with their readers: