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Demonstrating Capacity, Durability and Stability

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User Videos

Videos of projects being completed on a Centipede® Sawhorse or Centipede® Support XL posted by the owners (and borrowers) of the tool.


Centipede Support XL Bucket Test
Watch the Centipede® Portable Work System “Bucket Test”

The Centipede® Support System is the ultimate portable workbench or table base – a heavy duty steel stand that sets up in seconds to support thousands of pounds and folds down into a compact, lightweight unit for easy transport and convenient storage.

Featuring a unique steel frame design, each Support is constructed of multiple steel struts that rest directly between the load and ground to support an incredible amount of weight while keeping even the thinnest sheet materials from sagging. Each strut is moved in tandem with a series of flat steel cross bars flexible enough to absorb impacts and durable enough to ensure long-lasting smooth operation.

Durable polymer P-Tops atop each point of contact provide a work surface that won’t mark loads while avoiding contact damage between cutting blades and steel struts. Each P-Top is replaceable and spins 360 degrees to accommodate use of the included or additional accessories designed to maximize utility, comfort and convenience.


Intelligent Design, Durable Construction

  • Multiple steel struts moved in tandem
    • Support thin materials without sagging
    • Heavy overall weight capacity
  • Flat steel cross bars provide rugged flexibility to ensure smooth, enduring operation
    • Set up and take down in seconds
    • Compact portability


  • Replaceable polymer pads atop each strut provide a smooth work surface
    • Thick profile avoids contact damage between cutting blade and steel strut
      • Replace damaged P-Tops, not the whole unit
      • Allows worktops to be screwed into place
    • Avoid marking project board or table/bench tops
  • Spins 360° for convenient positioning of the accessory port



Support 4S Support 6S Support 9S Support 15S
Support JR K100 Centipede Sawhorse - Product Only - Unfolded Support HS K200 Centipede Support XL - Product Only - Unfolded - Corner Perspective
Working Dimensions Center to Center

2 ft x 2 ft

0.6m x 0.6m

2 ft x 4 ft

0.6m x 1.2m

4 ft x 4 ft

1.2m x 1.2m

4 ft x 8 ft

1.2m x 2.4m

Folded Dimensions

6 in x 6 in

16cm x 16cm

6 in x 9 in

16cm x 23cm

9 in x 9 in

23cm x 23cm

9 in x 14 in

23cm x 36cm

Working Height/Folded Height (Centipede™ Risers provide 36″ working height)

30.75/38 in


30.75/38 in


30.75/38 in


30.75/38 in



8 lb


11 lb


20 lb


29 lb


Maximum Load (with sufficient platform strength, on a level surface)

1,500 lb


1,500 lb


3,000 lb


3,000 lb


Available In
K4S – Centipede® Support 4S
K50 – Centipede® Support JR
K6S – Centipede® Support 6S
K10x – Centipede® Sawhorse
K9S – Centipede® Support 9S
K150 – Centipede® Support HS
K15S – Centipede® Support 15S
K200 – Centipede® Support XL

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about the Centipede® Support System we’ve received so far. Please email us your comments, questions and feedback to us at info@centipedetool.com.


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