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Demonstrating Capacity, Durability and Stability

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User Videos

Videos of projects being completed on a Centipede® Sawhorse or Centipede® Support XL posted by the owners (and borrowers) of the tool.


Intelligent Design, Durable Construction

  • Multiple steel struts moved in tandem
    • Support thin materials without sagging
    • Heavy overall weight capacity
  • Flat steel cross bars provide rugged flexibility to ensure smooth, enduring operation
    • Set up and take down in seconds
    • Compact portability


  • Replaceable polymer pads atop each strut provide a smooth work surface
    • Thick profile avoids contact damage between cutting blade and steel strut
      • Replace damaged P-Tops, not the whole unit
      • Allows worktops to be screwed into place
    • Avoid marking project board or table/bench tops
  • Spins 360° for convenient positioning of the accessory port


  • Accessories designed to maximize the utility, comfort and convenience of the Bora® Centipede® Support System are available
    • A01 – P-Tops – Replacement polymer surface pads
    • A02 – X-Cups – 2×4 drop-in supports
    • A03 – Quick Clamps – Worktop hold downs
    • A04 – Hooks – Hanging hooks
    • A05 – Risers – Worktop height extensions
    • A06 – Non-Slips – High friction, soft surface pads
    • C0x00 – Carry/Storage Bags – Protected portability
    • C0x01 – Carry Straps – Quickest portability
  • Click Here for more information and links to retailers
  • We’re just getting started and more accessories are in the pipeline…


Support JR K100 Centipede Sawhorse - Product Only - Unfolded Support HS K200 Centipede Support XL - Product Only - Unfolded - Corner Perspective
Working Dimensions Center to Center

2 ft x 2 ft

0.6m x 0.6m

2 ft x 4 ft

0.6m x 1.2m

4 ft x 4 ft

1.2m x 1.2m

4 ft x 8 ft

1.2m x 2.4m

Folded Dimensions

6 in x 6 in

16cm x 16cm

6 in x 9 in

16cm x 23cm

9 in x 9 in

23cm x 23cm

9 in x 14 in

23cm x 36cm

Working Height/Folded Height (Centipede™ Risers provide 36″ working height)

30/38 in


30/38 in


30/38 in


30/38 in



8 lb


11 lb


20 lb


29 lb


Maximum Load (with sufficient platform strength, on a level surface)

1,500 lb


2,500 lb


3,000 lb


3,000 lb


Available In
K4S – Centipede® Support 4S
K50 – Centipede® Sawhorse 4S
K6S – Centipede® Support 6S
K10x – Centipede® Sawhorse (6S)
K9S – Centipede® Support 9S K200/K15S – Centipede® Support XL/15S
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about the Centipede® Support System we’ve received so far. Please email us your comments, questions and feedback to us at info@affinitytool.com.