Workshop Addict’s “Bucket Test”

After their first look at the Centipede Portable Work System, the team was called out by their viewers (and us) for choosing to forego their “bucket test.” John and Brian saw what we all see the first time – a curious contraption that surely can’t handle what we say it can. Lucky for us, cooler heads have prevailed and after discussing the physics and engineering of the product, they decided to give it a shot:


What surprised us the most is the obvious and extreme sideways pressure on the unit. The motion of the bucket as it lifts the front wheels of the tractor off the ground simultaneously pulls on the units while pushing down with tons of pressure. We knew the flexible steel crossbars would help to transfer stress throughout the system to keep the struts moving in tandem, but this is monumentally excessive. This is especially true for the test being performed in the loose gravel driveway – they had to compensate for a lot of minor inconsistencies – and movement – in the terrain.

While we expect it goes without saying, PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF! This is NOT an acceptable use of the product in any way and they did take a number of safety precautions before performing the test. They have exceeded the weight limit, and violated the warnings to avoid side pressure when the products are under any load. I’m not sure why you’d want to repeat this test, but don’t.


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